Using Community Resources

The ACE Leon County Transitions ResourceGuide 2016-2017: Community Resources to Assist Transition to Reentry
is designed to provide inmates, formerly incarcerated people, counselors, social service providers, probation
officers, teachers and community members with information about the many resources available in
Leon County. The resources included in this resource guide address the myriad needs of people who are
re-entering society from incarceration: those who are ready to make positive changes, find employment,
secure a place to live, and those who may need medical, substance abuse, mental health and other
counseling services.

Planning for a Successful Transition

The more access people with criminal histories have to community services, the less likely they are
to re-offend. The more we as a society are able to reduce recidivism, the safer and more productive our
community will be for all of us.

To download the printable version of The Reentry Resource Guide please click the link below