Reentry in the Big Bend region 2014-2015

Approx. number of inmates released to Big Bend region:

Inmates released to Leon County:

Inmates released to Big Bend region under community supervision:

Offenders on some type of supervision in Big Bend region:

“Today, more than 2 million people across the country – and more than 1 in 100 American adults – currently are behind bars. At some point, 95 percent of these prisoners will be released. Each year, approximately 700,000 people transition out of state and federal prisons, and millions more cycle through local jails.”

“There’s a theme here: maintaining family connections and developing job skills during incarceration can improve public safety, reduce recidivism, and have lasting positive effects.”

“In recent years, we’ve seen a nationwide transformation in attitudes toward reentry – and a sharp increase in the number of programs focused on prisoner reintegration. Today, in every corner of our country, coalitions of government organizations and community groups are working together to improve reentry outcomes.”

“Our correctional systems now consider reentry planning to be a part of their core functions. And agencies that tackle housing, health, labor, and other issues have begun to see effective reentry as part of their larger mission. This evolution mirrors a fundamental shift in our criminal justice and our social services systems. To put it simply, reentry has moved from the margins to the mainstream.”

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, 
National Second Chance Act Conference
May 22, 2012